The first single is out!

“The Little Prince”
“Show Off”
“The Business Man”
“Forty Four Sunsets”
“A Drunkard”
“Flowers Are So Contrary”


As a child, I had a truly magical time with stories, and my mom reading them to me. The way she intonated and impersonated each character was just so fascinating to me. Her voice was the music I always heard before falling asleep, and as soon as I would actually fall asleep, the music kept going. Which was and still is sometimes a torture as much as a pleasure.

As an artist, I always come back to that child and those stories. They still resonate with me but on a much deeper level. The notes now combined with colors and smells, patterns become a dance or a soundscape rather than just a melody. So, I splash with my watercolors palette and watch the music as it merges with the world, and I invite the listener to this never-ending journey.

“The Little Prince” was one of my favorite stories, one filled with quiet moments and hidden meanings, mystery, and gentleness, and humor - the kind of story that haunts you all your life. This story holds a philosophy that I resonate with: I feel myself just like the main character - wishing to create my own worlds, organize my thoughts according to my personality, and not to be put into the frame of adulthood. I feel the rebellious urge to wake myself up from a grey existence and use all the colors, humor, sounds, and smells that exist in the story of the Little Prince.

It became even more special since my son was born. We painted the Little Prince on the window in a daycare room, the home daycare I used to run in our own house before embarking on the journey of a composer. At that time, we were surrounded by music and art all day long as my children grew up, and I was experiencing their enchantment with music and the Little Prince once more. In 2021 another miracle happened that was also related to the story: I received an email from Leipzig Ballet, asking for permission to use two of my compositions for their ballet show based on "The Little Prince". All that inspired me to write an entire album dedicated to the story.

The names of the tracks for “The Little Prince” story are a special kind of treat, as they prepare me for the scenes and all the favorite details from childhood: “Volcanoes for Cooking Breakfast” was the spicy and brooding scenario. I particularly enjoyed the classical and the dark side in there. “Show Off” is a humorous piano solo inspired by the Show-Off character from the story. It evokes images of a circus show with clowns, magicians, and exciting changes of rhythms. Drawing inspiration from Debussy and children albums of various romantic composers, this piece offers a clear glimpse into a spring mood in music. “The Businessman” is a relentless, busy, and motivating soundscape inspired by the eponymous character from “The Little Prince” story. Modern and minimalistic, yet clearly drawing a picture of office life and noise, this music combines repetition and invention, blending popular harmony with jazzy rhythms. “Forty Four Sunsets” is inspired by the Little Prince seeing multiple sunsets on his Little Planet. This music transports you outdoors and breaks the routine, capturing the beauty of nature through cinematic, epic melodies and harmonies. Deeply inspired by modern piano composers like Yiruma, with a touch of Keith Jarrett, it exudes a minimalistic feel yet brims with emotions. “A Drunkard” is a jazzy and humorous piano composition. It paints a vivid picture of a stumbling character, making fun of himself and ending up asleep on the floor. Drawing inspiration from Dave Brubeck’s playful rhythms and infused with a touch of ragtime, it evokes a slightly nostalgic feel. “Flowers are so Contrary” is a gentle, romantic and uplifting composition. Drawing from the works of Chopin and Schumann, it embodies a naive, pure sentiment, reflecting the changing nature of flowers and the moody fragility of the Rose character. With a circular motion in music akin to the evolving relationship between Rose and Prince, it concludes with uncertainty and mystery. “Farewell to The Rose” is an elegy filled with singing lines, depicting the parting of the Little Prince and Rose. Inspired by Chopin and Rachmaninov, it does not conclude with a clear finale, portraying longing and the ever-changing events of life that we must experience and overcome. While the mood may not be the brightest, there is hope, and all is not lost.

I am extremely grateful to my family: parents, children, and a wonderful husband who allows my inner child to grow into an artist. I believe we all need the magic of a storytelling experience, and I tried my best to awaken all the senses into it.


I have to admit that I’ve heard about the book “The Little Prince since I was taking French classes in school, but I've never read it. Milana Zilnik has convinced me with her music that I need to get a copy and read it from cover to cover. I think that says it all about how much I have enjoyed my time with this album!
~ Kathy Parsons @ MainlyPiano