"Filling the emptiness"

Poetic challenge

It was a sponatenous idea to run this poetic challenge connected to the release of my album. The goal of the challenge was to write a short poem about piano music having the line "Filling the emptiness". I`m absolutely excited and delighted to share the poems (and musical compositions!!) I`ve received during the 10 days of the challenge. Thank you everyone! Your support can`t be underestimated.

February 10, 2013

No matter if you speak silently, act furious,
    cry heavenly, listen carefully, question my doubts,
        soften my fears, cheer up my day or you’re just filling the emptiness.
It’s you. I trust you. You care.
You discover my heaven, my hell.
You’re the beast and the saint.
And you were my first best friend and you will be my last.
You are true.
My piano


Music is the great hope...pieces of tears...on strings of time
Every note a memory...or unconscious state of mind...
Sometimes pleasure fills the vacuum...in a world that cannot change
So we orchestrate, collaborate...our dreams, hopes and pains

All in all...that’s how it is...and as we start again
The circle just gets tighter...but you still can’t see the end
we’re just ...filling... the emptiness...with chords and words in time
as the piano plays a melody...that brings beauty to the rhyme

Sometimes I lay awake at night...my mind won’t let me sleep
Some new melodies filling the emptiness...I’ll rest when it’s complete......
Filling up the emptiness...sometimes pleasure...filling the emptiness...sometimes pain
Music is the great hope...the tender torture......I will play

Douglas Roossien

There is a place
In the matrix of the universe
Daunting space
Where sound waves disappear

Amidst the nothingness
Is where I’m bound
I’m off to fill the emptiness
Become maestro of the sound

Monochromatic ivories
Will play today their victories
Fortepiano, my dear tamed lion,
Roar your melodious frequencies!

And I, the master of my craft, will assume the crown
And commanding the beast, will let its beauty be found.


Decades into this life I’ve seen so many things
Love, peace, and the awful darkness among us
Throughout the journey there is one good friend
To whom I can turn, regardless

When my senses deplete the hope in my soul
When my heart sinks to new depths
When my mind is struggling to mine silver in the lining
My one friend is there for me

I sit upon the rough-hewn bench
The chill of lonely keys kiss my finger tips
A connection is made upon the chord
It’s not clear who is playing who

My piano and me, filling the emptiness
Here I become a champion of life

David ’Archimedes’ Stuart

Leave your worn out shoes
And look at the sky
Follow by music steps
They will take you high

Filling the emptiness
Of your frozen heart
- "Where have you been today?"
- "I have been on cloud"

So many things around
That you want to know
So many trees of hope
That just should to grow

Spilling a coffee cup
On the tired mind
- "Where will you meet next dawn?"
- "In my own heart"

Natalie Jonathan

Piano music is like the fresh sunshine in the morning:
It lights on our body with tenderness;
And it penetrates into our heart.
Piano music is the necessity of our soul,
What would be better for filling the emptiness?
I know, you know : )

It is not from the sky, but from the earth,
The essence of human intelligence;
Created with love from God.
How much grace and joy it is bringing into our lives?
Countless, countless...

Jiarong Wu Kobilinsky

The piano sitting in the corner
long forgotten and gathering dust..
like long ago memories of us
hidden in the corners of my mind.
My fingers run across the keys
the melody bringing your memory to life
filling the emptiness
with thoughts of you...
come back and play for me...
fill my life with love.

Tammy Schoening Tracy

Do you hear it?
The silence filling the room,
The breeze whispering,
The sigh among the words.

Do you see it?
The void between the stars,
The darkness in the shadows,
The clouds blotting the sun.

Do you feel it?
The ache of desire,
The heartbeat of love,
The pain of loss.

Let music fill your emptiness.

Donna Hirsch

The piano sits motionless
as if it is waiting
The pianist sits silently,
as if contemplating
The strings of the universe begin vibrating

A stroke of luck upon a key
Pressed, though, only momentarily
Set flame to the heart and lets the soul free

The strings of the universe controlled by it’s master
Filling the emptiness with whatever comes after
A crescendo of sound, of pain, of laughter
Reminisces of love, then, quickly passes
And fades into the night, but is not forgotten
The pianist looks on knowing not what happened

Joseph Mawer


For Ludwig
The white and black
Wove notes
Beneath his hands
Filling the emptiness
Of those silent years
With thrum
Sturm und Drang

Ian Melvin

Your fingers moving over the piano keys...
I stand and watch, the music flowing into me..
filling the emptiness,
making me want to believe again,
filling me with hope.
You feel me watching and smile at me,
melting my heart,
making me feel you too, believe...
your love filling my heart,
your music filling my emptiness.

Tammy Schoening Tracy

In the crowded room
loneliness is filling the emptiness
the past has consumed me
should I bother to carry on?

But then someone touches a piano
and a melody plays
but it is like no other
the melody gripes my heart.

As the notes sing out
I hear the voice of the tune
My heart is surrounded
and music releases my pain,
tears fall as I am brought to my knees
The piano has released my emptiness and set me free.

Alistair Roberts

Piano; alone stands silent.
As still life, awaiting
The hands of a lover,
Trembled strings now vibrating.
Still, then to rhythm.
Melodic in time,
Filling the Emptiness,
Dulcet keys on a spine.
Unlocked; dancing fingers,
Respond to the void,
Lifting notes to release,
Opus tunes, then enjoyed.

Emma Scott (03.02.2013)

Keeping the Keys

I recall reaching the edge with my sight,
Sheltered behind black and white
Holding that hand in the warmth that was left
from your calloused caress
Trying to fill the emptiness

The keys to my heart
The keys to my past
The keys to my home
Keeping the keys filled with memories

In black and white I now lay you to rest
Trying to fill the emptiness

Nina Padruna

Feel the void around you
Let the embrace of silence pass
Then see the way we bend the air
To fill the emptiness

We weave the threads of white and black
In daytime and in night
To dress the hour in finest garb,
Splashing grey with colours bright

So listen to the melody
Of a soul bled through each press
Of an old piano, grandly played
To fill the emptiness

Michael Louie (m_chilla@msn.com)

I place my fingers on your keys
You follow me along
I feed you my emotions
And you give me a song

You are my voice when I can’t speak
My breath when I can’t breathe
Without you I’d feel helpless
With you - I believe.

Me and my piano
The music of my soul
Filling up the emptiness
Finally feeling whole

Jaime J. Ross

In a cold and shrouded room
absent of light and love
souls locked in a tomb
until from up above
did there descend a sound
made by black and white
keys that did unlock
and usher in the light
freedom became a friend
breathing life into deadliness
and the sound, it knew no end
to filling up the emptiness

Monica Dockery

I stand hollowed as noises fade.
Breath echoes through my body and drifts away.
The world has wrought something in me; it leaves a silent, aching chasm of nothing. Bated. Suspended.

In the nothing I know so well, a small, flawless drop splashes.
It rings, and calls to others.
One drop becomes two, becomes three, becomes four.
Then flurries abound, and silence is now slave to something almost sacred...almost. Music is filling the emptiness.

It washes in and all around me, occupying me, satiating me.
When it leaves I am full. The drops are gone...and yet they remain.
And I remember that I am alive.

Jason Woods

each note a drop of rain,
flawless, falling jewels
filling the emptiness
like a moon-lit pool,
reflecting light and dancing.
one note, now a symphony.

Sean Colley

I always feel you,
When my light turns to grey,
The sound of your keys,
Helps me find my way.
You are soft too bold,
Then sustained too less,
And the only sound i hear,
Filling my emptiness...

Peter R Shaw

A smile fills the mouth,
And thoughts fill the mind.
Clouds fill the sky with shapes and colors,
Giving imagination something to find.

A dog fills your lap,
And tears fill your eyes.
Snowflakes fill the air,
As if it needs a disguise.

Longing fills the memories,
But now I digress.
Only the beauty of music
Is filling in the emptiness.

Jennifer Lee Stuart

Dawn, there is a veil of mist,
The darkness is gone soon.
However light reflects, excists
Of the evanescenced moon.
The sun comes up,
The minor shades change into major lights.
The waking birdsongs will be
Filling the emptiness as you see
the world wakes up the like a symphony of life
and there in the wilderness of sound appear
a gentle keytouch so deep only for our soul to hear.

Maira Huisman