Living and breathing music, a daughter of many generations of music, I’ve always wanted to share my music with the world. Playing piano since I was four, being taught by great teachers, including my own father who showed me that playing by notes and singing in a choir is not enough to become a musician, I was eager to play everything I liked by ear. By starting to improvise in this way I have found my own style of playing, my own voice through the keys.

Composing and writing songs in different genres, from jazz to classical, from rock to cinematic, I always try to challenge myself to reach new horizons. I do this by studying counterpoint and orchestration, visual arts and poetry, playing and composing for various instruments and, of course, continuously evolving my piano playing and singing. By teaching students I’ve studied even more so myself, witnessing them make their own first steps in composing and performing.

I have released several albums, published a book with my own compositions and collaborated with composers, musicians and filmmakers from all over the world, putting my heart into each and every note. I write lyrics to any given instrumentals and I write music for any given lyrics. I compose soundtracks for documentaries, short films and audiobooks. If you are looking for a composer, a pianist, a singer or a songwriter, get in touch!

What a wonderful pianist, professional, expedient. Flexible and accommodating. Couldn't dream of a better person to work with!
~ Deddy Tzur (composer)

Absolutely incredible to work with Milana. Very professional, high quality work and quick to reply. Would highly recommend!
~ Emmett Cooke (composer)

Milana is a real professional. SHE exactly wants to know which style YOU want before she starts recording. The recording quality is superb. And all that comes on top of her sparkling talent as a musician and piano player.
~ Bastiaan Kooman (singer-Songwriter)